Tutorello is an online platform for students to find one-on-one tutoring through video calls.

I'm working on Tutorello with Oisin O'Dwyer for development, and the product is being built for the ExamLearn team.


Tutorello runs on Ruby on Rails, which we chose because of our large amount of experience with the framework. We also add an unconventional element by adding React.js in for the front-end framework.

I imagine it is advisable to eventually switch to a more Javascript-based stack so that we can use React with something that has greater integration.


Although our purpose was mostly profit oriented, I hope that the platform does eventually make the lives of students around Ireland slightly easier.


Our work on Tutorello made us better engineers. Our planning on the architecture side of Tutorello helped building the application, but it might have been better if we had planned even more.

The timing on the project was difficult to coordinate. Oisin and I had different schedules, and we took on responsibility for different ends of the project - Oisin was on the backend, and I was on the front end. This sounded like a reasonable split but it ended up that we couldn't fully build features on our own, having to always wait for the other side to ask for clarification and then build the correct functionality. Next time, we probably shouldn't do this.


Started on 30th July 2018.

Predicted end on February 2019.