Style Guide


Keeping a record of what you're thinking comes with an overhead. It's important that the overhead is justified, and whatever you're writing is important.

To write on a subject, it'll need to pass these checks.

  1. You're interested in the subject.
  2. You think there's something you haven't yet learned about it.
  3. You believe that, if learned, the knowledge will be valuable to you and help shape your life into something better.


Try not to hedge statements with "I think" or derivatives. It's implied that everything here is of your own opinion and viewpoint.

Only include the important part.


Editing is the most important part of this entire process. It's where you test your beliefs, research, rearrange and form a new narrative.

A lot of bad ideas should be thrown away at this stage, providing massive value by making sure you aren't misled by them. Less is almost always more.