Starting November 26th 2018, I was on the Linear Progression variant of the GZCLP method.


I'm only measuring Tier 1 exercises. Each exercise has 5 sets. This table compares what my weights were at the beginning of the program to now. The reps and weight are listed in the table, as well as how many reps I managed in the last set, which is an AMRAP set.

Format - Sets x Reps (kg) - AMRAP Sets

Workout Nov 26 2018 jan 22 2019
Squat 3 x 50 - AMRAP 3 3 x 65 - AMRAP 6
Overhead Press 3 x 30 - AMRAP 3 3 x 33.75 - AMRAP 2
Bench Press 3 x 35 - AMRAP 3 3 x 42.5 - AMRAP 6
Deadlift 3 x 50 - AMRAP 5 3 x 65 - AMRAP 8

I haven't failed at any Tier 1 exercises except the Overhead Press, which was probably contributed to by a lack of micro plates at my gym. (Do gyms seriously have 0.625kg plates?)


Over a period of 57 days, I finished four sets of these four exercises, meaning 16 days of exercise.

8 weeks of time passed, and I did an equivalent of 5 weeks of exercise, resulting in 66% of potential sessions attended. I missed 1 week because of Christmas.


66% of potential sessions attended isn't too bad, considering it's bumped up to 75% when excluding Christmas. I should bump it up to 80%, which still allows for off days when something important comes up.

I seem to be keeping up with the plan, which is a pleasant surprise.

I might want to look into changing my gym, to somewhere without a pool, or that many machines.