In February, I settled down and cut the volume of work I was responsible for drastically.

It turns out that when you have a large void of time, and don't have any clear direction for what to use it for, it bleeds out and just disappears. A lot of time was spent socializing, having fun, and I've recently started to cook and clean more. It's great and all, but I think I need to be more proactively productive in order to increase the quality of life in my future.

A distinct vision on what I should be doing is what I'm missing. However, it's hard to formulate one in the face of almost limitless possibility. If limitations breed creativity, a lack of them bludgeons creativity to death. I can pretty much do anything but I can't figure out which one should be prioritised to do first.

It's been a good month, and it's been pleasant to experience, but I should probably start creating sparks to see if this time can catch fire and actually yield some forward progress.

Next: I don't know.


With my new-found free time, I've been talking to people more, and attending college more frequently and for longer.

This is a great improvement. As always, though, I can think of ways to do it better.

I think that although I've had a lot of exposure to other people, I could go deeper in the conversations I have and the connections I foster. I'd like to become a better friend and start to really get to know the people I'm around, instead of staying on the surface.

Next: Be more mindful of the conversations you have, and see if you can gently steer them onto more meaningful topics.


I took some time off, and I've realized throughout February that college alone isn't enough to get me towards where I'd like to be.

As per last month's review, I'm more cautious about comitting to projects. I don't have any big projects underway.

I should probably prioritize more reading.

Next: I don't know.