2019 Goals

1. Explore

I have a lot of freedom right now, which will be severely restricted in a few years. This year is the perfect time to spread myself wider and learn more about the world.

Evaluation metrics

The more new things you try, the better. Give far more value to the things you tried and failed, which indicates that you've discovered a boundary, at least for now.

Actionable progress

Say no to less invitiations, unless you've tried it before. Say no to more invitations where you could instead be doing something new. Allocate time for nothing and use it to wander.

2. Connect

Computer programming is a skill which nets highest gains when done in bursts of isolation. I have to counteract that by making a greater effort to foster deeper connection with others, and encourage growth in myself socially.

Evaluation metrics

The more emotional sense of connection, the better. Give little value to superficial connections like acquaintances. Give more value to people you know well.

Actionable progress

Make groups smaller. Go to college more, not for the lectures but for friends. Talk to those you don't know well. Be there for people.

3. Prioritize

The work you do when you're young compounds when you're older. Do less work that doesn't matter, and prioritize learning opportunities.

Evaluation metrics

Do more work that you're both interested in and seems important. Take up learning opportunities. Spend money.

Actionable progress

Invest heavily in yourself with both money and confidence. Get excited about the big picture and ignore the small stuff a little more.