I try to replace as much of my diet as is convenient with Huel, which is a powdered food replacement.

Nutritional attributes
Flavour Huel Vanilla
Calories per gram 4kcal
Calories per serving 760kcal
Calorie daily target 3000kcal
60g 240kcal - 1/12
90g 360kcal - 1/8
120g 480kcal - 1/6
150g 600kcal - 1/5
190g 760kcal - 1/4

Sometimes you can feel discomfort, which I think might be due to either:

  • Too many calories per serving
  • Too much Huel consumption
  • Eating Huel and closely after eating normal food

Powdered food offers a significant benefit on time savings and nutritional content. Huel usually accomodates for 50% of my calorie intake.

Other Food


Eating lots of sugar is the thing that makes me feel the worst and that I try hardest to avoid. I also try to avoid foods that aggravate my digestion or spike up inflammation (for example, very spicy foods). I don’t have much willpower when it comes to sweet things, so I mostly just try to keep junk food out of the house. - Productivity, Sam Altman

I don't really enjoy sugary food, but if I have it around, I'll instintinctively grab more on autopilot. I almost always feel worse after I eat any volume of it. I think I should figure out how to get rid of it entirely, and replace it with snacks that are less intensely sugary.

Sugary food is extremely widely available. If I were to cut it down by a meaningfully large percentage, the most likely solution would be to tackle my habits in getting food - shop at different places, or preprepare food, or pick snacks that aren't as sugary.

Eating for Pleasure

By cutting down on the amount of meals I'm forced to make, I can enjoy the meals I choose to make.

I've started eating more fruit, and significantly cut down on the meat I eat on average.