Base philosophy

Resources, like time and money, are scarce. A lot of what we do is finding different ways to transform, manage, and control these resources.


Resources like time and money don't matter to us unless we can redirect them to fill our values. It follows that the best way to manage these resources is to ensure we've used them to fulfill our values as best as we could.

For example, imagine you're a millionare who can't take time off. The value of you having money, which fulfills your ego, could be less than the value of having free time, enjoying your life, and living out your days. The best move would then be to quit and slowly spend your money while you're still alive.

This presents interesting challenges in our lives. It can sometimes be a perplexing juggling act trying to figure out which scenario makes your life more valuable. What we know for sure is that making any attempt to make an informed choice is probably better than being completely ignorant, so just by keeping your values in mind, you'll probably get a very good outcome regardless.