Summer Holiday

I'm planning to spend two months travelling Europe in the summer of 2019.


  • Perpsective is valuable.
  • I probably won't have another opportunity to do this again.
  • This will substantially build character.
  • Productivity loss will be small.
  • Relative to holidays, this is very cheap.

Points against

  • Small productivity loss.
  • Isolating.
  • Risk of going wrong.


Travel, not a vacation. This doesn't have to be comfortable, but it should provide perspective that can be drawn on for years to come.


Your money will go twice or three times as far in those countries, and the relative lack of tourism means people will treat you better too. Want to make your money last longer? Go where the tourists aren’t. How to travel long term: Tips and tricks from a tight-arse

If you skip the top-tier or ‘must-do’ attraction, you will usually have a way better time at a fraction of the price. The Madness of Crowds


I'm planning to buy a two month continous ticket, which is only 1.1x the price of a one month ticket. This totals to 572 euro. There could be sales in spring.

I don't know how to get from Ireland to mainland Europe. This could involve a ferry to either mainland, or to the UK, and then rail from there.

I should find a good travel book to load onto a Kindle.