A list of the books I've read and would like to re-read.


Reading is still the most viable way to take in new information from diverse sources. It can be easily paused, rewinded, and played at whatever pace you'd like. It doesn't produce sound, expire, or become unavailable.

I want to read more. I should start with fiction, but sometimes I lose track of character names. I might want to start noting down minor details so that I'm less likely to become lost and disinterested.

To Read

  • Never Split the Difference

Recommendations from Chad Mazolla

  • Lincoln in the Bardo
  • On the Shortness Of Life
  • When Breath Becomes Air
  • Man's Search For Meaning

Recommendations from Ryan Holiday

  • A Calendar of Wisdom: Daily Thoughts To Nourish the Soul
  • The Laws of Human Nature
  • The Fall


  • Montaigne & Magellan by Stefan Zweig