Meditation is a practice where you use focus to achieve an emotionally stable and mentally clear state.


It's probable that meditation can serve as the basis of a secular but spiritual practice. My thinking is that I can develop a ritual of meditation to increase the feeling of connection, peace, and to take time to reflect.

Secular spirituality emphasizes the personal growth and inner peace of the individual, rather than a relationship with the divine. Secular spirituality is made up of the search for meaning outside of a religious institution; it considers one's relationship with the self, others, nature, and whatever else one considers to be the ultimate. Often, the goal of secular spirituality is living happily and/or helping others. - Wikipedia

This is probably a good philosophy to adopt, and a mild enough philosophy to be tolerable.


Meditation provides modest relief for anxiety and pain.

If you're not suffering from any illness or repressed trauma, meditation isn't likely to cause harm.