What Is This Blog For

Now would probably be a good time to decide what this blog is about.

I'm planning on letting my curiosity dictate what I'll write about, and hope that later on I stumble on some concepts I find useful. I don't have enough experience in any one field to refine the scope of this blog, and I also don't want to kill my natural interest by trying to judge if a non-existant reader would theoretically enjoy my post. So this series of posts will be a little rambling.

I'm betting on the following:

  • I won't want to write in this blog if I needed to optimize for metrics and I wasn't hitting them, making me feel demotivated
  • It is improbable I will hit any metrics, nor would I really want to at this stage of my life
  • Writing in this blog will make my writing and thoughts of higher quality
  • This will pay off later in life

This blog will probably not be representative of what I actually do, so you should Google me if that is the information you're looking for.